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How much does the tour cost?

Brownes Dairy School Tours are free of charge. The only associated cost for schools are transportation to and from the Brownes Dairy site in Balcatta, which school organisers have to arrange.

Why can’t I see my year level?

Brownes Dairy School Tours curriculums and structure is created specifically for year levels Kindy through to Year 6 and currently do not run school tours for year levels beyond Year 6.

This website and communications concerning Brownes Dairy School Tours will be updated to reflect additional year levels added in the future.

Home school groups or vacation care groups which fall under these year levels may contact or email us to arrange bookings.

Where is Brownes Dairy located?

Brownes Dairy is located at 22 Geddes Street, Balcatta.

Please note that school tour buses must enter the site via the Geddes street entrance alongside staff parking.

Do tour staff have their Working with Children Check (WWC Check)?

All tour staff have current Working with Children Checks. These can be supplied upon request via our contact form or by e-mailing us directly.

Can students with a dairy intolerance or allergy attend the tour?

As a precautionary measure, any child, student, adult, or individual that suffers from anaphylaxis to dairy will not be permitted to attend Brownes Dairy School Tours and are not to be on-site.

Students with dairy allergies are still strongly encouraged to attend the tour, as the experience is still beneficial outside of the context of dairy. Students with dairy allergies can still take part in the kitchen experiment, but won’t be able to taste dairy during the tour.

Please provide all student allergies in your booking request.

Does Brownes Dairy have First Aid Care Facilities on site?

While all Brownes Tour staff have up-to-date first aid training and first aid kits are prevalent throughout the site, it is the responsibility of the school to provide basic first aid care to their students.

First aid kit and medication needs need to be carried with the allocated teacher at all times for medical assistance.

Please talk to your tour guide if you have any further questions or concerns.

How many students can attend a tour?

Due to staff resources, safety guidelines, and our policy in providing the best possible tour experience, we require at least 40 students minimum and 60 students maximum per tour.

Does Brownes Dairy have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, it can be found and downloaded at this link.

How many adults can attend?

Due to staff resources, safety guidelines, and our policy in providing the best possible tour experience, we highly recommend a 1:10 adult to student supervision ratio.

Can you accomodate students with special needs?

We try to accommodate students with special needs as much as possible, though please be aware parts of the tour will have limited access for students who are not ambulant.

Specifically, this means both viewing platforms overlooking the factory floors.

Please state any other special requirements your students may have and our tour guides will see the best way to accommodate them.

Does Brownes Dairy have an evacuation plan?

Yes, our evacuation link can be found at this link.

How do I reschedule or cancel a booking?

Yes, our evacuation link can be found at this link.

Please notify Brownes Dairy at least business days prior to your booked tour of any cancellations.

How long does the tour run for?

Each tour runs for approximately 90 minutes. There are two tours per day and 4 tours per week running every Wednesday and Thursday during school terms.

Does Brownes Dairy provide morning tea or afternoon lunch on site?

Brownes Dairy does not provide tea or lunch for tours. Schools are responsible for bringing their own meals if they are having it before or after their tours.

Brownes Dairy does offer the following refreshments: Brownes Dairy Pouch Yoghurts; Brownes Chill (Choc, Strawberry, Banana); Brownes Dairy “Hint Of” Natural Milk (Choc, Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla; Brownes Orange ‘C’ Juice.)

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